Obsidian - Protection Talisman Necklace

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Do you know the feeling when you eat anger into yourself again and keep holding back instead of your Say opinion out loud?

Every time this oppressive situation, because you not get a chance to speak, although you have so much to say.

If you do say it, the other person will not take it right.

If you tell something, you have the feeling that the other person hears, but does not really feel and understand< in a deep sense t2>...

Often it's about the small things in life.
You give someone advice, you tell something from your own life, or you ask about something.

Should this really go on like this?

Enough of that

With Obsidian to full assertiveness and a massive expressiveness.

Let never be talked down to again. No one has the right to tell you what you can or cannot do.

In future, you are the ones who dominate the conversation and the situation, perceived and estimated.

Obsidian is composed of lava and therefore possesses the properties and dynamics of fire and volcanoes . Just like with the volcano, your confidence and your belief in yourself can come out of you explosively.

In addition, obsidian help to get rid of the negative energies in you and protect you from further negative energies and intercept them for you.

Thus the blockades and obstacles of life will gradually dissolve .

Get your obsidian and become the person you want to be. You deserve it.

Product details:

  • Length of chain: 50 cm
  • Size of the pendant: 3.2x2.6x1 cm
  • Material: Obsidian

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