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No more racking your brain after losing a discussion?

Who doesn't know the situations?

There was a serious argument or discussion and at that moment you couldn't say what you really wanted to say.

You had an interview for which you had been preparing for ages, but then you couldn't present yourself as you thought it would .

Or you want to teach somebody else or the children something, but they don't really take you seriously and do what they want.

In these situations, mostly only three properties are missing:


Put through with obsidian and achieve what you want

The enormously coveted healing stone brings the ability self-confidence, expressiveness and assertiveness to a new level.

Obsidian is composed of volcanic rock and possesses the property and dynamics of fire and lava. Exactly this dynamic is transmitted to the user.

The obsidian bracelet will help you implement your will and at the same time absorb negative energies and influences for you.

Denye never the short straw and enforce what you want to enforce. With the dynamism and energy of Obsidian, you emerge from every argument as a winner.

What would the feeling be like, after these arguments not having to rack your brains for days.

No more questions why, why, why or what if I had...

Instead, one goes with one's head held high as a winner from the conflicts that life brings us.

Product Details:

  • Size: 15-23 cm (stretchy)
  • Material: true obsidian, alloyed copper
  • Extras: Free from lead, nickel, cadmium and other chemicals

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