tourmaline necklace

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An effective natural miracle cure for headaches and indisposition - natural, unprocessed tourmaline.

Tourmaline is a so-called "receptive stone". This means that it is calming, spiritual and has positive psychological effects.

In many circles of alternative medicine, the tourmaline is indispensable. The background to this is that tourmaline is very effective against migraines and headaches.

To absorb the effect of the tourmaline, you only need to carry it with you. As a result, negative energy flows in the body are dissolved and much fewer complaints occur. Both physically and mentally.

The mental or psychological effects of tourmaline are mainly used for clarity and harmony. With tourmaline it is much easier to get a clear head, get a better overview of situations and create harmony between body, mind and soul.

Of course, this leads to significantly less stressful situations, more positive energy and harmony, more calmness and a better well-being.

The tourmalines on these necklaces are all natural. That means they are unprocessed. Therefore, each necklace is absolutely unique.

Product details:

  • Length of necklace: 50 cm
  • Size of the pendant: ca. 3cm (length) and 1cm (diameter)
  • Material: tourmaline, precious metal

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