Real obsidian elephant necklace

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Every necklace purchased creates a habitat for elephants and improves their well-being

A necklace that heals internal wounds.

Do you know how it feels when you lack strength, patience, courage or luck? When you've felt this anger inside you for a long time, but can't let it go?

Then the Elephant necklace made of genuine obsidian is a great chance for you.

The elephant is considered a power animal and lucky charm. It symbolizes strength, courage, calm, clarity, composure and above all forgiveness.

Despite being such a strong, powerful, and superior being, he mostly remains calm and peaceful.

The necklace makes your life easier.

Your problems will be solved by the help of the necklace with love and wisdom. Your decisions will be made in calm and calmness, but still crystal clear.

It will not only be easier for you to forgive others, but also especially for yourself. As a result, you can open up a lot more and easier deal with life.

Obsidian is composed of lava and therefore possesses the properties and dynamics of fire and volcanoes. Just like with the volcano, your confidence and your belief in you can explode out of you.

In addition, obsidian will help you, get rid of the negative energies in you and protect you from further negative energies and intercept them for you.

Thus the blockades and obstacles will be released of life gradually dissolve.

Product details

  • Size: 60 cm
  • Size of the pendant: 5x4.3 cm
  • Material: Obsidian

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