Buddha Head Obsidian Necklace

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Particularly shy people who hold back a lot can experience what it means to be expressive. (The animal closest to him is the dragon)
The black obsidian is a stone that protects you from many negative psychic energies. It protects you from energies such as aggression, violence, abuse and energy vampires, making it a very powerful stone.
Obsidian is credited with being a very grounding stone. Grounding is a quality that is very much needed these days. Stay grounded with so many distractions keeping you from your higher goals. This property makes it well suited for stressed people to get back on their feet.
This necklace helps you to keep negative thoughts away and to let your positive energies flow more.

Product details:

  • Size: 60 cm
  • Size of the pendant: 5x3.3 cm
  • Material: obsidian

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