Buddha Bracelet - Obsidian

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Do you know that feeling when everything seems hopeless? When you just don't know anymore what to do. If you don't know how it should go on now?

These indescribably paralyzing moments and emotions put us in a kind of mental rigidity. Thoughts are buzzing around, you feel empty, unbalanced and helpless.

Do you know what this has to do with Buddha?

Most people only know Buddha from quotes and sayings, which are frequently posted and can be found on the internet. But actually it's about much more...

Buddha teaches us inner peace and wisdom. Instead of standing at a loss, he guides you to the right way. The right way is always the one that is right for you.

It also brings calm, harmony and balance. So you don't break yourself in everyone anymore stressful situation the head, but accepts the challenge calmly and masters it without having your mind full and no longer being able to concentrate on the essentials. .

The black beads on the bracelet are made of real obsidian. Obsidian is well known for bringing enormous confidence and assertiveness.

The perfect combination. At the same time calmer and relaxed approach the tasks that life brings us, but also much more self-confidence and assertiveness .

This increases the general well-being significantly. You can then complete difficult and frightening tasks much better and more worry-free, while still happy and calm.

Of course, this also creates a freedom in our heads. You think about what you want to think about and not about what is to come. This also leads to a significantly better sleep and nicer dreams.

There is hardly a greater form of freedom.

So with the bracelet, you don't give negative influences a chance any more. You will be calmer, more balanced and at the same time you will be more confident than ever before.

The exclusive bracelet made of real obsidian with the Buddha as a symbol is an absolute support in everyday life for him and her.

Product details:

  • Length: 18 cm (stretchy)
  • Bead size: 6 mm
  • Materials: true obsidian, precious metal alloy

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