Heart's Desires - Rhodonite bracelet

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Have you felt it before? The longing for your heart's desires...

So you've been wishing for it for so long and so much, but so far you haven't gotten from life what you really wish for from the bottom of your heart.

There's always this sucking feeling because you can't stop thinking about it.

But what if you could finally let this feeling go away and your dreams and desires could become reality?

Rhodonite makes it possible - unbelievable but true

Rhodonot was underestimated for a long time, but the healing stone has very strong positive effects.

The bracelet made from the wonderful healing stone rhodonite is energetically aligned to the achieving and fulfilling of heart's desires .

Rhodonite is also known for bringing, reconciliation and pardon. He makes anger, hate, resentment and rage disappear.

So the unique healing stone also brings peace into your life. Not only the peace with other fellow human beings, but also something much more important. The peace with yourself.

The precious stone directs the internal energy of the user to the deepest desires of the soul and the subconscious > off. This leads to consciously and also unconsciously making the right decisions, so that the long-cherished wishes finally come true.

The wing pendant made of precious metal symbolizes freedom. Not just physical freedom, but also freedom of thought and desire. It brings the power to think and wish what you really want.

Product Details:

  • size: 17-25 cm (stretchy)
  • Bead size: 6 mm
  • Material: rhodonite

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