Aroma diffuser with oil

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No more dry air. From now on you will recharge your batteries with well-being and health with every breath you take. The aroma diffuser ensures significantly better air conditions.

Of course, not only the air is humidified. You can also add an oil of your choice to add a nice scent. Our pure essential oils not only offer pleasant smells, but also contribute significantly to healing and relaxation.

To get a perfect result of scent distribution in the room, add 200ml water and 2-4 drops of your favorite oils to the diffuser. Feel the spread of your favorite oil in the room and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. Of course you can also find a wide range of oils in our shop.

Product details:

  • evaporation: 380 ml/h
  • Material: plastic
  • incl. Remote control and play of lights
  • Timer Option

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