7 Chakra Meditation Towel

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No more concentration problems when meditating. Sounds too good to be true? But it's not, because the 7 chakra meditation towel makes it possible!

If you meditate with it, you will of course take your meditations to a new level, that's for sure. But even if you don't meditate, the 7 chakra cloth will help you.

Of course, you can also spread it out on the sofa, take it with you to the office and put it on the office chair, or simply hang it up in a room that you find yourself in frequently.

Anyone who has at least partially mastered meditating knows how useful and powerful a good meditation is.

Unfortunately, the initial phase is often very difficult. You don't really get into the meditation, you can't concentrate, your thoughts wander away often and you notice no real change.

Yes, that can be very frustrating, because you actually want to do something good for yourself and take the time especially for it.
Stop worrying about what you should change

The above symptoms are quite normal at the beginning. Nevertheless, a question now arises: Why should you waste weeks or months your valuable time constantly dealing with it without anything changing, if you have the chance to save yourself?

The chakra meditation cloth

Just imagine that in the future every meditation will be exactly as it should be.

Take the opportunity and easily increase your concentration many times over during your meditation.

The 7 chakra meditation cloth is energetically charged and all chakras are shown. This increases the energy flow in you enormously, your chakras are activated and harmonized and your mediations become significantly effective .

Lie or sit on the meditation towel and start your meditation.

Often it is enough to hang the cloth on the wall and watch it with concentration during meditation.

With every meditation without the chakras meditation cloth, you lose a lot of valuable time because the meditation at far does not have the effect it could have.

Product Details:

  • Size: 150x70 cm
  • Material: cotton
  • Washing process: hand wash or machine wash

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